Meet Your New Icona Lashes Beauty Stylist...ANNALISA MORENO!

Hello Icona Beauties! My name is Annalisa Moreno and I am so thrilled and honored to be your new Icona Lashes Beauty Stylist! I’ll be your go-to-gal for everything Icona Lashes. From tips, tricks, how-to’s, and latest trends in the beauty stratosphere, I’ve got you covered! Consider me that beauty best friend every girl needs in her life. ;)

My love for beauty started when I was 5 years old. I remember pulling up a chair next to my mother’s vanity to get a front row seat to her beauty transformation show. From gorgeous rosy blushes to ruby-red lipsticks, I was in awe as she applied her makeup with incredible grace. I was enamored with the process of her makeup application and the confidence and beauty she felt after her glam sessions. I remember her radiating from the inside and out wearing her “I can take on the day” look and attitude. As a little girl, I wanted nothing more than the same feeling.

I was so amazed by this transformative process that I would strategically plan my day around getting my young hands on that ruby red lipstick and those shimmery eye shadows. Timing had to always be on point and it was easiest to snag my mother’s makeup when she was busy doing the dishes.

As quietly as I could, I tiptoed to my mother’s room to get my hands on her makeup bag also known as the alluring pot of gold. More times than not I was successful in my mission. I’d sit quietly in front of her vanity applying makeup to myself, hoping I wasn’t discovered. In that moment, I felt every ounce of confidence and beauty fall onto my face. And that my friends… is where it all began.

My love for makeup stems from my fond memories as a child and my love for creativity. From a subtle bronze look for a daytime outing to a more dramatic look for a date night, you are the creator of your own masterpiece and can express yourself in any way you desire. 

A few fun things/quirks about me aside from beauty and fashion:

  • My core purpose in life is to educate and inspire. I graduated with a degree in education from University of Texas, Austin (Hook ‘em!). I am applying my education degree to educate and inspire others about beauty and creativity within themselves.
  • My love for sweets runs deep (yes, that is how I describe our relationship) and I am your ultimate ice cream connoisseur. It is my mission to seek out the best ice cream flavors of all time. I assess based on my top 3 T’s: texture, taste, and toppings. Amy’s Ice Creams in Austin, Texas ranks supreme for me! My favorite flavor is white chocolate ice cream mixed with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, and walnuts. This killer combination is to die for – a must try if you’re visiting Austin!
  • I balance my sweets obsession out with my passion for fitness. I love running and it’s my absolute go-to exercise! I love how therapeutic it is and how it allows me to be outside enjoying the beautiful scenery while listening to great music
  • I love all things floral. From fresh blooms on my kitchen table each week, to floral art, to wearing different variations of floral patterns…There’s something about the smell, look and feeling I get from flowers (sigh) – just can’t get enough
  • I dig random dance parties while I am out about shopping. Yes, I am that friend that will bust out in a song and dance. I pretty much live my life as I am in a musical. ;)


  • My favorite color is pink and my favorite emoji is the glitzy yellow sparkles! Those sparkles make for the perfect ending to just about everything. It’s like lighting up what was just said and adding a little sprinkle of “Annalisa” to it – double tap please!


Beauty application allows us to discover our creative personalities and gives us an outlet to have fun along the way. I am ecstatic to share with you all my professional tips and tricks to all things Icona Lashes. From lash styling to makeup looks, I have the magic that will help you step up your lash game! Remember, you have a beauty best friend in me so don’t hesitate to drop a line. In other words – holla at yo girl! Keep following for some dynamite content and until next time, keep shining Icona Beauties!


Annalisa Moreno  

Icona Lashes Beauty Stylist

Instagram: @annalisa_moreno

Twitter: @moreno_annalisa


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So excited for you! You truly are obsessed w/make-up and all things Beauty. A perfect fit!

Lola D July 13, 2017

Congrats annalisa! Your love for for beauty is gonna be a great asset for the icona lashes team! Excited to see what icona has in store for the world next :)

Jenny July 13, 2017

I’m so proud you ~ my beautiful niece! I love you so very much!! You are going to do great things! xoxo ~Tia A

Tia A July 12, 2017

Can’t wait to see you shine!!

Anonymous July 12, 2017

Sooo happy to see you do great things Anna! Love ya :)

Mari Garcia July 12, 2017

Love you…..

Stella July 12, 2017

Congratulations Annalisa! You’re going to such amazing thing – beautiful inside and out!

Anonymous July 12, 2017

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