The Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is a staple in makeup artistry and has been an iconic go-to look for years and years. The classic eyeliner is desired to give an elongated effect to the eyes leaving the eyes with a cat-eyed, sultry look. There are so many variations to the winged eyeliner. However, we know one thing: no winged eyeliner look is complete without the perfect pair of lashes as the cherry on top! We've put together 12 classic, bold and fun winged eyeliner looks featuring a variety of lash styles that completed each look perfectly. 

The Bold Winged Eyeliner

winged liner love story lashes red lips

Artist: Anette Yaymajyan 
Shop Lash Style: Love Story
The ultimate classic makeup: bold red lips and a winged eyeliner (cat eyeliner) will forever live on for generations. This look was paired with our "Love Story" lashes for the finishing touch. 


I see you boo lashes bold makeup cat eyeliner winged eyeliner

Artist: Carol Kaledzera
Shop Lash Style:I See You Boo 
This look is for the fierce and bold out there! The winged eyeliner is bold, sharp and precise that it calls for our boldest lashes, "I See You Boo" to complete this mega glam.

about last night lashes bold makeup vampy lips winged eyeliner cat eyeliner

Artist: Tina 
Shop Lash Style:About Last Night 
This vampy look is perfect for the colder weather season. Rose gold tones with dark deep tones paired with our lashes in "About Last Night" makes for a fierce eye-catching nighttime glam.

i see you boo lashes bold makeup new years makeup cat eyeliner winged eyeliner glitter makeup

Artist: Drew Lauren 
Shop Lash Style:I See You Boo
All out glitter glam galore - bold winged liner and our fierce "I See You Boo" lashes make for the best unforgettable big event makeup.

happily ever after eyelashes bold eyeliner cat eyeliner bold makeup

Artist: Raelynn Cantrall 
Shop Lash Style:Happily Ever After
Peachy and berry tones with a bold winged eyeliner paired with our "Happily Ever After" lashes makes for a stunning look.

The Glitter/Color Winged Eyeliner 

glitter winged eyeliner bold makeup love story eyelashes lashes

Artist: Nikki
Shop Lash Style:Love Story
Glitter accents along a winged eyeliner adds a little pretty something-something to any look paired with our universal "Love Story" lashes.

metallic makeup cat eyeliner winged eyeliner love story lashes

Artist: Haley Myers 
Shop Lash Style:Love Story
A little rose gold metallic twist on the classic winged liner. That pop of color does so much for colored eyes paired with our "Love Story" lashes. 

love story lashes winged eyeliner white eyeliner

Artist: Shanna
Shop Lash Style:Love Story
Brights and a hot white winged eyeliner makes for an editorial look like no other, completed with our "Love Story" lashes.

The Soft Winged Eyeliner 

 queen of hearts eyelashes lashes winged eyeliner cat eyeliner

Artist: Femke 
Shop Lash Style:Queen Of Hearts
A subtle cut crease and a flickered winged eyeliner adds just enough elongated flare paired with our "Queen Of Hearts" lashes to makes the eyes pop.

about last night lashes false eyelashes bold makeup

Artist: Priscilla Fhern 
Shop Lash Style:About Last Night
A soft gold/neutral cut crease with a contrast above the tail of the winged eyeliner paired with our "About Last Night" lashes makes for an incredibly stunning look.

head over heels false lashes eyeliner winged eyeliner cat eyeliner

Artist: Marisa 
Shop Lash Style:Head Over Heels
Soft glam with a winged liner paired with our "Head Over Heels" lashes is a beautiful day and night glam. 


I see you boo lashes false lashes bold makeup winged eyeliner cat eyeliner

Artist: Fatima Caser 
Shop Lash Style:I See You Boo
Colored mettalic eyeshadows with a subtle winged eyeliner paired with our boldest lashes "I See You Boo" makes for a stunning special occasion glam.

We'd love to hear from you - let us know your favorite winged eyeliner looks in the comments below!

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