How To Pick The Best Lashes For Your Eye Shape

How To Pick “The Best Lashes” For Your Eye Shape

With so many lash styles and so many eye shapes, shopping around for the perfect style that suits your eyes can be a bit daunting. Not to worry, Icona Beauties – lashes and shopping is where I shine, so trust me when I say I got you!

We currently offer 8 different cruelty-free styles (we love our furry friends too much!) made from premium synthetic fibers that have tapered ends for the most angelic finish. All styles range in length, density, flare and volume. This ultimate pairing guide I created will help you pick various styles of our lashes that will compliment your eyes best. However, you are the ultimate Queen B and of course, preference plays a part in selecting what you feel will best suit your personal style and what you feel the most comfortable in. So without further ado, let us get to it (hair flip)!

*All links to lash styles will be provided in name of the lashes
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With eyes that sit under a stunning and prominent brow bone, you have such flexibility to choose lashes that are more dramatic without the lashes overpowering your eyes.  I would recommend our lashes with more length, density and volume as deep-set eyes could carry it so beautifully and will compliment them the best. Here are our best-selling lashes for deep-set eyes:

Natural: Queen Of Hearts , Make Him Miss Me
GlamAbout Last Night , I See You Boo
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For my round eye babes, we want to elongate and balance out those big-bright eyes. Long, curly, and wispy lashes will do just that! With round eyes, you want to magnify your eye shape by creating a flirty, multi-layer, voluminous effect with added length at the corners. Creating the ultimate cat eye effect and a longer eye illusion. Below are my recommendations of lashes that’ll be sure to bring balance to the eyes:

Natural: Head Over Heels , Happily Ever After
GlamMake Him Miss Me
almond shaped eyes, false lashes for almond eyes, lashes for almond shaped eyes, eyelashes for almond eyes

Almond shaped eyes are incredibly versatile. They have a slight point on the ends and are wide in the center of the eyes. Most styles will compliment this shape so it all depends on what look you are going for. Consider all of our lashes game for almond eyes. However, here are the lashes I recommend for a Natural vs. Glam look.

NaturalFairy TaleLove StoryHead Over Heels, Happily Ever After
GlamQueen Of HeartsMake Him Miss MeAbout Last NightI See You Boo

hooded eyes, false lashes for hooded eyes, hooded shaped eyes, eyelashes for hooded shaped eyes

If you have hooded eyes that means you have a bit more skin right above your crease. We want to create a depth effect that will open the eyes at the center and giving it the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. The lashes you want to select to achieve this illusion are styles that are fuller in the center with longer lengths. The best styles of lashes for this effect are recommended below.

NaturalLove StoryQueen Of Hearts
Glam: About Last Night
monolids, false lashes for monolids, monolid makeup, best lashes for monolids, lashes for monolid eyes

For monolid eyes (no visible crease), false lashes can create such difference in aesthetics. False lashes will give an awaken effect to the eyes, accentuating it like no other. Because monolid eyes often naturally have straight lashes, the styles I would recommend would be styles with more flare for openness and length on the outer corners to create an illusion of an elongated eye shape. Shop from the styles below:

Fairy TaleLove StoryHead Over HeelsHappily Ever After
Make Him Miss Me
close set eyes, lashes for close set eyes, makeup for close set eyes, false lashes, makeup for close set eyes

For close-set eyes, the inner corners of your eyes sit close to your nose. To highlight your eye shape, you should focus on accentuating the outer corners to lift and lengthen your eyes .The lash styles you want to select to achieve this length and lift are styles with longer lash lengths from center to end. The best styles of lashes to achieve this look are:

Fairy TaleHead Over HeelsMake Him Miss Me
Queen Of HeartsMake Him Miss MeI See You Boo

downturned eyes, false lashes for downturned eyes, lashes for downturned eyes, eyelashes for downturned eyes

For my ladies with downturned eyes, we want to extend the outer corners of your eyes and create length along that lash line. You unquestionably have the perfect eye shape for an attention grabbing, luscious, and voluminous cat-eye look; a look that will really draw attention to your eyes in the best way.  I recommend the following styles for a lifted and balanced eyelash appearance.

Queen Of Hearts

Head Over Heels
Make Him Miss Me I See You Boo
prominent eyes, lashes for prominent eyes, false lashes for prominent eyes, eyelashes for prominent eyes, protruding eyes

With prominent eyes, your eyes are big, bright, and alluring all on their own! A lash style with natural, varying short to medium lash lengths will provide a lightweight yet stunning addition to your eyes. We want to accentuate that lovely lash line. I recommend the follow styles for natural and glam looks:

Natural: Fairy TaleLove Story
GlamQueen Of HeartsMake Him Miss Me

If you’ve ever had doubts when purchasing the perfect lashes for an everyday wear or special occasion, consider this your go-to-guide in simplifying and selecting lashes. Nevertheless, it is entirely up to your digression on what you ultimately decide. Shop lashes that not only suit your personal style, but also allow you to feel the most comfortable because at the end of the day or night – confidence is the goal of it all! ;)

I’d love to hear from you – comment below on your thoughts and questions you may have. Until next time, have the most beautiful day Icona Beauties!

Annalisa Moreno
Icona Lashes Beauty Stylist
Instagram: @annalisa_moreno
Twitter: @moreno_annalisa
Personal Blog:




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